Sunday, December 7, 2008

Business Stage: Popcorn

In the business life cycle, there is a beginning stage of the company, where there is no flow. There is revenue.... From time to time. but there is no flow. I want to call this stage of the company the "Popcorn" stage. It is like you are waiting for popcorn to pop. You are not sure how hot the fire is. But you have seen one kernel pop. But here you are waiting for the next one to pop.

This is a stage of searching, trying to find a way to catch some momentum. Often this is the stage where people will try anything that produces revenue. And that can be a way to kill a company. On one hand, you want to search around to find things that people are willing to pay for. On the other hand, you want to have a business focus that does not get distracted by contracts and projects which pull away from the core of the business. Some where between those two is the answer.


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