Thursday, June 23, 2011

Startup Weekend Around the World , What would it look like.

As we are coming up on the Bellingham Startup Weekend on June 24-26, I was looking at some of the other cities engaging in Startup Weekend at the same time

It is heartening to see all of these different cities all engaging in the process. 

Seeing all these cities doing it on the same day makes me wonder about the process of doing a  multi-city team that would engage in the process where there was someone working on the project 24x3 , around the  clock.

What tools would you need to enable this process. Would the current use of google docs + hosting + a chat channel work?  What are the tools that you would use for a startup weekend sprint?  ( ) 

At lot of interesting work happens at the coffee table and at the food table as people get to know each other and work on corners of the project. What would be the remote version of that? 

Would using skype be enough of a tool to connect people between cities?

How would remote teams end up finding each other and forming?

Would you need to pre-seed the conversation by having someone at each event already part of the proto-team that did local recruiting?

How would it be different than using oDesk to do part of the project?

I look forward to learning about a team that actually does this.

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Abstract Art Scott McLeod said...

I think the only collaborative tools needed would be 1) drop box 2) github 3) googledocs 4) skype

I think in the next 6 months we will see more live / shred location events.