Friday, February 14, 2014

Startup Weekend as a game of Pickup Ball

Startup Weekend is a great way to sprint from Idea to Revenue in a weekend. I am thrilled with some of the results that I have seen. However, when I encourage people to engage in a startup weekend, I often get resistance. "Oh, I already have a startup" or "Oh, I don't have an idea" or "I am already happy working at XYZ Big company"

Startup Weekend is a skill building sprint. It creates urgency and focus, which allow you to learn things faster than you would in most other contexts. Just as when you do pushups and situps to prepare for your marathon run, Startup Weekend gives you a chance to build skills and connections that are hard to get other ways. 

Think of Startup Weekend as a game of Pickup basketball. It may not take you into the big leagues, but it does let you practice that shot in a way that makes you stronger and faster. 

Every weekend, there are over 1,000 people who are out picking up some new skills, trying new roles and exploring new ideas. Even if you are at XYZ Big company, or are already deep in a project  with a startup, Startup Weekend will give you a chance to gain some new muscles. 

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Steven Hall said...

Hi John you hit a nerve I need to up grade my skills and find other with skills I do not have Please let me know of any events you have coming up 425-770-9466 Blessings Steve